“Taxes Grow without Rain”- Proverb

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Property Taxes are the inevitable that we count on every year.  The first of February is the start of a new month, one step closer to spring, and…….the day property tax payments are late if they have not been received by the county.  If your closing is happening near the end of January here are some good tax payment rules.

  • Tax payment should be sent by courier or Fedex- (these require a signature at delivery)

  • You can pay taxes online to the county site directly

  • Verify that you have the correct amount due to be paid

No one wants to incur a penalty for late property tax payment.  As your title company it is our job to be sure that all bills are paid on time.  If an individual is paying taxes outside of escrow, these are good rules of thumb to be sure you are on time with your payment.