Chicago Title Class List

At Chicago Title we offer courses to help you grow your business. We strive to stay up to date on all the latest technology and communicate it in ways you can understand.

Intro to Word: 3 Non-Legal MCE Credits

Learn the essentials of Microsoft Word. Create, navigate and save documents, apply character and paragraph formatting, insert symbols and create headers and footers. Find out how to check spelling and grammar, add page breaks, work with document views and learn how to print and convert documents to PDF. Adding graphics and clip art will also be covered.

Adv Word, Creating Emergency Flyers: 3 Non-Legal MCE Credits

Learn more of the essential features of Microsoft Word to create and apply formatting using styles, work with outlines and create and format document sections. Find out how to work with columns, insert section and column breaks, create and format tables, insert and edit diagrams and use the drawing tools. Discover how to insert pull quotes, drop caps, hyperlinks and WordArt.

Word Mail Merge: 3 Non-Legal MCE Credits

Learn how to use Microsoft Word to create form letters, labels and envelopes to send to multiple recipients. Find out how to identify the document you will be sending and how to create a recipient list. Learn how to create merge fields, preview your merged data, how to print or email your merged documents and how to set options for mailing labels and envelopes.

Introduction to Outlook: 3 Non-Legal MCE Credits

Learn the basics of using Microsoft Outlook. Use Outlook email features to send receive, reply to and forward email messages. Find out how to format, track messages and create auto-signatures. Learn to attach files to messages and open and save attached files. Discover how to use the calendar feature, manage contacts, create and send appointments and schedule meetings.

Adv Outlook: 3 Non-Legal MCE Credits

Learn more of the essential features of Microsoft Outlook. Use Outlook options to work with tasks, add and utilize voting buttons and change message appearance. Customize your Outlook work area, use the Navigation Pane, and work with search options. Find out how to organize items with filters and categories. Learn how to use address books and how to archive mail.

Introduction to Excel: 3 Non-Legal MCE Credits

Learn the essentials of Microsoft Excel and spreadsheets to create and save workbooks, format text and numbers, select ranges and move or copy data. Learn how to use formulas and basic functions, explore printing options for worksheets and how to insert pictures. Saving worksheets as PDF files, formatting rows and columns and inserting SmartArt will also be covered.

Excel – Working with Lists and Tax Records: 3 Non-Legal MCE Credits

This course is for users with little or no experience with creating database applications. The course begins by planning and designing a database.  The participants will then create a simple relational database with tables using data that is pulled from the MLS Tax Records. A Farm Database will be created that contains basic information needed to connect with Contacts pulled from the Tax Records.

TREC Ethics – 3 Legal MCE Credits

The information in this three-hour course includes: a review of the Canons of Professional Ethics, agency relationships, conflicts of interest, advertising disclosures, dispute resolution and case studies.TREC Ethics is a Texas Real Estate Commission course designed for the 3-hour required portion of the MCE education.

TREC Legal Update – 3 Legal MCE Credits

This three-hour course is designed to give the student an overview of current legal issues and legal changes that affect the real estate industry. Contract changes, legislative changes, hot topics and case studies are included.  TREC Legal Update is a Texas Real Estate Commission course designed for the 3-hour required portion of the MCE education.

Introduction to Spanish – 2 Non-Legal MCE Credits

This beginning 2 hour course is intended to give training in the basic patterns and structures of Spanish. Conversation and reading related to terms and phrases used in Real Estate.

Social Media – Facebook and Twitter – 3 Non-Legal MCE Credits

Are you interested in social networking, but don’t know where to begin? Are you curious about Facebook and wonder how it can grow your Real Estate Business? This class will introduce you to the basics of social networking, get you into Facebook for some hands-on learning and generate plenty of discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of how to use Facebook and Twitter efficiently.

Create Your Listing Presentation in MS PowerPoint – 3 Non-Legal MCE Credits

Discover how to create and edit presentations from scratch in Microsoft PowerPoint. Find out how to insert and modify clip art and spell check your Listing Presentation, as well as how to format, edit and proof presentation text. Learn how to create a custom layout for your slides, apply background styles, add speaker notes and copy text and slides between multiple presentations. Find out the different options for printing presentation data and how to utilize Outline view as well as slide sorter view to make organizing your slide text easier.

IPhone – A Survival Guide for Realtors – 2 Non-Legal MCE Credits

In-depth instructions on all aspects of the Apple iPhone: making calls, emailing, browsing the web, managing time, and getting around town, taking notes, shooting photos, and listening to music. New features in iOS, including iMessage, the streamlined Notification Center, and Apple’s new online storage solution, iCloud, are discussed in depth. The course also includes hands-on demonstrations of how to accurately type and efficiently use finger gestures, and includes tips for setting up the iPhone and iPod touch so they behave as expected. An extensive section on troubleshooting helps when the occasional glitches happen. Plus, the latest and coolest Real Estate Apps!

iPad – A Real Estate Tool – 2 Non-Legal MCE Credits

Provides expert tips for getting the most out of the Apple iPad, including gesturing, typing, and adding content, as well as troubleshooting common device issues. The course explains how to download and manage all the must have Real Estate apps, configure email accounts, create presentations, and set up videoconferences. The course also demonstrates both built-in and third-party solutions for opening and editing files, streaming video and audio wirelessly, and troubleshooting common device issues.

Introduction to DocuSign – 1 Non-Legal MCE Credit

Introduction to DocuSign is designed for new users to walk through how to effectively use DocuSign for the sending and signing processes involved in Real Estate Transactions.  In addition, there will be a review of configuring of ZipForms to automatically create DocuSign Envelopes.

Advanced DocuSign – 2 Non-Legal MCE Credits

Designed for current DocuSign users to learn how to utilize DocuSign Branding and collaboration tools including Agent Managed Envelopes and Markup.   Using Data Fields allows the creator of the envelope to edit content during the document signing process (i.e. counter an offer in a Contract!)  Document Markup is a time-saving, must-have tool for both internal and external document stakeholders to expedite transactions online.

Expert DocuSign – 2 Non-Legal MCE Credits

This high level course takes DocuSign to the next step.  Learn how to modify contracts before sending and allow signers to input information during the signing process.  Create custom Data Fields.  Tired of dragging DocuSign tags in an Envelope over and over?  Learn how to create custom templates to save time and reduce mistakes.  Einstein DocuSign is a must have class!

DocuSign and Zipforms on the iPad – 2 Non-Legal MCE Credits

This course is designed to train Real Estate Agents in how to use Zipform® and Docusign®  on the iPad.  Learn how create contracts in Zipform® and send them to Docusign® through tools like Box for electronic signatures.

Tech Tips for Real Estate Agents – 2 Non-Legal MCE Credits

Stay current with the latest technology trends in the real estate market from your using your PC to mobile devices and apps.  Discover the latest Real Estate technology tools and tips to set you apart from the pack!

Google U for Realtors – 2 Non-Legal MCE Credits

Google U for Realtors gives Realtors an understanding of the tools and apps Google offers to streamline, enhance, improve time management and revenue generation in each Realtors business.  The scope of the course covers briefly the current Google offerings of tools, apps and cloud computing.

Introduction to zipLogic Digital Ink – 2 Non-Legal MCE Credits

Introduction to Digital Ink  is designed to assist Real Estate Agents in using an electronic signature process with real estate forms to automate the document signing process and finalizing contracts.   The scope of the course covers registering a zipLogic Digital Ink account, creating a digital transaction, importing documents to sign digitally, interfacing with Zip Forms and having clients sign the forms.  Once the forms are returned, the course will also cover how to manage all signed forms within zipLogic Digital Ink and Zip Forms.

Moving from MLXchange to Marketlinx – 3 Non-Legal MCE Credits

Moving from MLXchange to MarketLinx is designed to assist Real Estate Agents with experience in MLXchange in searching and notifying clients of properties listed in MarketLinx.  The scope of the 3 hour course covers searching by MLS number, using the MarketLinx’s Search tool, and creating Custom Searches to pull properties that meet their specified criteria. Once the information is displayed, Moving from MLXchange to MarketLinx  will cover how to print, email, map and automatically notify clients entered in the system of the selected properties.  With the dynamics of real estate changing, agents must be able to keep up with the accelerated pace of technology in order to achieve success.  Searching for properties in MarketLinx MLS is a critical component needed to productively manage the information available on listed properties in today’s marketplace.  Moving from MLXchange to MarketLinx enhances an agents knowledge of the ABOR’s MLS system while learning to work smarter and more efficiently as they embrace this new web-based technology.

PC to Mac – Making the Switch – 3 Non-Legal MCE Credit

PC to Mac – Making the Switch is designed to assist Real Estate Agents in determining what is the best technology to use for their particular needs.    The scope of this course covers the basic’s using an Apple (Mac) computer.  Since so many agents are using Window’s based computers, PC to Mac – Making the Switch translates the functionality from a PC to a MAC.  The course is not to “sell” the Agents on one type of computer or the other.  It is to inform them in a language they understand as to the benefits of both types of computers and how it can optimize their business.  PC to Mac – Making the Switch enhances an agents knowledge of the the technology they are currently using and the ability to make a wise decision when it’s time to upgrade